The Patriotic Perspective

Dear Tea Party and Citizens of America

Below is an article written by Patriot and Tea Party supporter Stephen Schimmel. Each of us has the responsibility to do everything we can to educate and inform those we can on the fundamental issues facing our nation and we are grateful for submissions such as this in that effort.

Dear Tea Party and Citizens of America:

We are very concerned citizens,  who have a deep respect for our founding fathers and what they tried to structure back in 1789.

We have seen since 1932 an attempt to violate and stress the structure of our founding fathers, forces of ideologist who have professed to know better than our founding fathers and tamper with the very words and procedures of their product.

We now see what can happen  when we violate such a Godly document and the wisdom to protect the freedom that was envisioned  by what we have today, a Government and economic system totally in Chaos and the arrogance and selfishness of its leaders, not serving us but taking advantage of us. It is wisdom to put into place a plan to overcome not just our Demagogic President Obama, but to put the whole nation back in order:

"Wake up America" should be the TEA PARTY theme 

Facts and Premise:

  1. Money does not grow on trees and never did; The Tea Party needs to teach lessons in basic Economics to the citizens in TV Ads and on the internet.
  2. Wealth needs to be created not printed as proven by our history of our success of inventors.
  3. Environments need to encourage Wealth Creation; articulate what this means and what specifically has discouraged wealth creation, not just regulations the worst of a all.
  4. Environments need to encourage freedom for all of us; articulate  how our Constitution was designed to do so and what has become of our Freedoms since Roosevelt in 1932.
  5. Government cannot produce wealth nor allow to be self serving; articulate why and how the culture has produced  this in Washington.  As Kings went bankrupt for lack of wealth, so can the US Government.
  6. Governments need to set the example for its citizens and not spend more than what they have nor what do not have, using the Assets vs Debt formula= true spending power. Notice we are not talking about balancing a budget.  We are talking about a bankrupt ability to spend anymore.
  7. Governments need to have a service mentality, not a providing mentality; articulate how this has not been the case since 1932
  8. Governments need to be defined as to what they are expected to do defined by our Constitution; articulate to the people what those definitions are and how our present Government has violated all this.
  9. Government need to be fully accountable to its citizens  and expected to tell the truth in all cases What keeps any man honest and on tract to what he swore to do is exposure. What a Man says needs to be the truth and nothing but the truth. What a man says, he needs to be accountable for, every one of his words in speeches to its citizens.  Obama has not been held accountable for any of his promises and words found to be untrue in 98% of the cases.  He has become an outright liar and taken on demagogue deceitful , manipulative conniving image with no referencing to his purpose and duty in Office of the President
  10. Governments  require trust and integrity and service to be any good to a society


  1. Our Currency is threatened by the US debt and no plan has been in place since 1993 to pay off the debt.
  2. Our mindset has been most irresponsible, thinking of what the Government can do for you, but not what you can do for the Country. This has generated a mentality of selfishness and unproductive citizens who have hindered Wealth Creation and threatened the very integrity of our Financial System.
  3. Our Political System is threatened by confusion, lies and selfishness and unrealistic burdens put on its citizens.
  4. Our Government is no longer working for the people but for the ideologies of a few and the interests of those who have the authority over its people.
  5. Our Laws are so over regulated as to stifle wealth creation, and imprison needless citizens to a Nation of Criminals.  See the CBN story on this and pick it up on their website under the 700 club.
  6. Our Nation is being threatened by a Health Care law it cannot afford nor is consistent with the freedoms offered or envisioned by the US Constitution.  Romney needs to make this a campaign issue for his vote
  7. Our Lobbyist System needs to be fixed, so that those in Congress cannot become Lobbyist and have a conflict of interest.  Our laws through the years have been manipulated by a System of Lobbyists that threaten even the security of our Nation and compromise the Governments ability to serve Rich and Poor.
  8. Our Constitutional right to free speech and religious liberty has been muzzled by Political Correctness and bad rulings from the Supreme Court.  This needs to be fixed. Example there is no such thing as Separation of Church and State in the Constitution.  It is a big lie and no one seems to have the courage to challenge this lie.
  9. A balanced budget Amendment prohibiting any Congressional Spending over 20% of GDP in any one year using Assets minus Debt as a formula of the 20% GDP spending limit.  No loop holes allowed.  No laws valid that violate this rule.
  10. A plan to pay off the debt needs to be a priority and cuts to the Government needs to be as dramatic as needed to meet this plan to pay off the debt in a 15 year limit.   A plan to pay off the debt  is to create a trust fund from all energy reserves,  and use all proceeds from these reserves, gas or oil to exclusively pay off the existing debt.  Congress could not raise the debt limit ever without a vote of their citizens. Nor could Congress take any of the funds from the Trust to use for self serving purposes.
  11. .We have to put laws in place that will protect the people from future political timidity in the Congress. We need a system for the States to pass Amendments or laws on their own to get around the timidity and self serving behavior of our politicians, give the citizens more power over their politicians to be accountable. Notice how difficult it is to get our Politicians to Act on Amendments.

Article 5 of the Constitution provides a vehicle to allow the States to Act on their own with 2/3rds of the applications of the  States to act on their own, much like the California proposition system presently in place. Again this will allow the citizens of the State to over rule or make accountable their politicians. 

For those who have ears let them hear.

God Bless all of my fellow Citizens

Stephen H. Schimmel
Newport Coast, Ca.

Hey Joe Scarborough: You shut the hell up!


Joe Scarborough is MSNBC’s pet Republican.  MSNBC seems to love him because he is one of those media Republicans who always wants to blast conservatives and side with the liberals.


The not very bright Scarborough just jumped into it again.


What did he do?


Scarborough responded to criticism of one of the chief RINOs of the GOP, Jeb Bush.  Bush has been out whining that the Republican Party of today would reject Ronald Reagan.  Bush is doing his best to rewrite history to convince us that Reagan was really a squishy moderate, like… well like almost any member of the Bush family.


Conservatives have been calling him out on this and invoking the truth to hurt him.  They are calling Jeb Bush a RINO, which is what he is.


Joe Scarborough doesn’t like conservatives telling the truth and he went on a rant on his virtually unwatched morning show to complain about conservatives telling the truth about Jeb Bush.


Since Scarborough had neither facts nor logic to support his opinion, he opted for the tried and true liberal method of proving his point.  He told everyone who disagrees with him to shut the hell up.


Scarborough longs for the days with the Republican Party was simply liberal lite.  He longs for the days when the Tea Party did not exist and all idiots like Joe Scarborough had to do was go home, talk about being conservative and then go back to Washington and do what ever they wanted to do.


I realize Joe Scarborough is not very bright, so I’ll type this slowly just on the chance he reads this.


The Republican Party tried it your way.  The Republican Party did exactly what you and Jeb Bush wanted it to do. 


What was the result?


In 2006 and 2008, the voters put the Republican Party on the endangered species list.  


Then along came the Tea Party.


But for the Tea Party, the Republican Party would be dead today.


In 2009 and 2010, there were no Joe Scarborough rallies.  There were no Jeb Bush rallies.  There were no RINO rallies or conventions.


There were Tea Party rallies and conventions.


Now here we go again.  The elitist, alleged Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Jeb Bush want the grass roots people who did the heavy lifting to go back, sit down and shut up and let the idiots who screwed things up to begin with run everything again.


Not only no, but HELL NO!


If anyone needs to shut up and go away, it is Jeb Bush and Joe Scarborough.


Scarborough claims that his and Jeb Bush’s brand of the Republican Party is the future of America.  




Facts are hard things and liberals really hate facts because they are always wrong.  Like all liberals, Scarborough is wrong.


Unlike him, I have facts to support my claims. 


There is a reason why Olympia Snowe is not running for reelection.   She realizes even in Maine, a RINO like her is doomed.  There is a reason why Richard Lugar has been voted out of office.   There is a reason why a RINO supported by the establishment could not beat a Tea Party candidate in Texas.  There is a reason why Orrin Hatch is trying to claim he is a conservative.  There is a reason why Marco Rubio and not Charlie Crist is the Senator from Florida.  There is a reason why the 2010 class of freshmen Republican congressmen are called the Tea Party class, not the RINO class.


There is also a reason why Fox News crushes Scarborough’s show.


No one really cares what that goofy, weird RINO has to say.






Scott Walker, the victory in Wisconsin and the future of America


By now, almost everyone knows Scott Walker and his Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch defeated the far radical left in the recall effort in Wisconsin yesterday.  MSNBC hosts are still on suicide watch and Chris Matthews was last seen staggering down Pennsylvania Avenue wailing for the ghost of Dan Rather.


The Tea Party won last night but what is this going to mean?  Who are the winners and the losers last night?


Scott Walker was the winner last night.   So was Rebecca Kleefisch.  That goes without saying.  Walker took over half the vote and got more votes than he did two years ago.   Walker’s star is clearly rising in the Republican Party.   Conservatism is a big winner last night too. 


The people of Wisconsin and other people are fed up the far left using the public treasury as the source of their funding.   The people were receptive to Walker’s message of cutting lavish union benefits and eliminating programs that were simply a huge profit center for the unions.


The big loser last night was Barack Obama.   Obama could not force himself to go to Wisconsin and campaign.  Perhaps it was because the campaign was not about him.  Bill Clinton went and that did not help him or the Wisconsin recall.


The far left and the Unions lost and were the biggest losers last night.   The people of Wisconsin spoke loudly last night.  They were tired of simply being cash donors for the unions and were tired of the union tactics.


The power of the left, namely their ability to extract public money to fund their activities has been severely diminished.


As we celebrate this win for the Tea Party and Conservatism last night, we need to look ahead at the dark clouds on the horizon.


Had Scott Walker lost last night, conservatives would have said they were disappointed and perhaps there would have been some accusations fraud, if there were some facts to support it.


What happened when Walker won?


The left went nuts.  No longer do we have a situation where one side gracefully concedes and then starts to work on the next election.  Leftists got on Twitter calling for Scott Walker’s death.   These were not one or two tweets but a lot of them.  Radical leftists yesterday were caught on video, which was on saying they hoped Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch would die from colon cancer.  Kleefisch, the mother of young children, is a cancer survivor. 


We are seeing a serious breakdown in the fabric of American society.  The far left, which is basically anyone in the Democrat Party, does not believe in free and fair elections anymore.  They do not believe in listening to the will of the people. 


The far left loves power.  It is what they crave.  They do not care about minor issues like liberty and freedom.  When they are losing power they go crazy.


Unfortunately now, they are becoming more and more unhinged and it is now only a matter of time before we see serious violence from the far left.


Yesterday, the Pew Research Center released a report showing that there is a major and almost un-crossable divide between real Americans and the far left.   Americans have become more and more polarized.  


For the left, they only want power.  Their goal of obtaining power will destroy the American dreams of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


There can be no compromise with the left now.  All we can do is go to the people, win and totally defeat the far left.


While we still can.  

S.E. Cupp, Syria and Romney adventurism

With the drumbeat going on for intervention in Syria, I was waiting for some new media conservatives to come out in favor of it.  I did not have to wait long.  Mitt Romney has been hammering Obama on the issue of not doing anything on Syria.

Now, in column in the New York Post, S.E. Cupp came out pleading for American intervention in Syria.

This crescendo is only going to grow in the next few days.  As Romney and others call for American intervention in Syria, there are a few questions that need to be asked before we jump head long into that misadventure. 

First, what is the compelling American interest here?  Bashar Assad is someone who deserves to meet a very gruesome end for what he has done to his people, but what is the compelling American interest in replacing him?

Some argue that stopping the mass murder and human rights abuses in Syria is our interest.  Really?  What about the other hundred nations that are human rights abusers?  Does this mean we have to intervene in those nations as well?  Which nation is next after Syria?  Iran?  Zimbabwe?  Yemen?

For all of his crimes, Assad has not been trying to start a war with Israel and a greater Middle East war.  There is something to be said for that.  It is in America’s interest for the Middle East not to go up in the flames of another war.

Here’s another interesting question for the intervention crowd.  What is going to replace the Assad Regime?  Do they realize we can do worse?  In fact, our interventions this past year in the Middle East have been nothing short of a disaster, with every deposed regime being replaced by something worse.  If Assad is gone, who takes over?  Hezbollah?  Someone tell me that would be better for America.  Can you imagine another nation under Hezbollah’s control?

If we intervene, how are we going to pay for it and how are we going to pull it off?

We have been at war for almost 11 years.  Does anyone remember that Iraqi oil was going to help pay for the Iraq liberation?  Oops that did not happen.  Instead we have foot the bill for Iraq and Afghanistan.   George W. Bush was no Ronald Reagan when it came to the Defense budget but since the Party of Treason took over, the Defense budget has been slashed.

Our military is worn out.  Not just our soldiers but also our equipment.  Recently an Air Force General wrote a story about his son flying the same F-15 fighter that he had flown as a brand new pilot thirty years earlier.    Not only is the equipment old but also ten years of war has worn a lot of it out.   Another campaign is only going to make a bad situation worse.  Does anyone believe that Barack Obama is going to agree to increase Defense spending?

There is no compelling American interest here.  There is a real possibility we could end up worse off than we are now.  And there is no explanation how we are going to pay for it or even how we are going to pay for the equipment we need to intervene in Syria.

For those who want us to get involved in Syria, please answer all of those questions first.  Then we can talk. 

America is not the world’s policeman.  We have enough troubles with the fights where there is a legitimate American interest.  Why should we pick up another where, as we say in the south, we don’t have a dog in this fight?

Judson Phillips is Associate Director of and CEO of Tea Party Nation.

Caution: Government Stupidity ahead

If we say government stupidity are we being redundant?  Is there any other word we can use to describe the government that is not some variation of stupid?

In the pantheon of there is one government idea that may not be winner for the dumbest government idea of all time, but it certainly rates an honorable mention.

What is it?

It is the idea of HOV lanes.

HOV lanes have got to be one of the dumbest ideas of all time.  The first and quite possibly the worst HOV lane in the world has to be 395 in Washington DC.    Washington’s traffic is a legendary nightmare and if you are as MAD as I am, getting trapped in it is like the 7th circle of hell.

Yesterday, I got stuck for two hours in HOV hell. 

I flew back from Wisconsin into Reagan National.  My flight landed at 3:30 PM and I was able to quickly get my car and escape.  By 3:45 I was on the interstate.  By 5:45 I had gone all of twenty miles. 

The theory of HOV lanes is that during rush hour, the only cars that can go in the HOV lane are those with two or more passengers.  In DC, it is three or more.  DC has a long, straight, separate and mostly unused HOV lane.  While I sat in traffic purgatory, moving at a rate that could be measured at inches per hour, in the HOV lane, an occasional car buzzed on down the mostly empty road.

The idea with forcing people to use car pooling is to reduce the amount of gas that we use.  This was one of the bad ideas that came out of the 70’s.  It is also proof that no matter how bad an idea is, once the government creates it, it will continue to grow like a really bad case of flesh eating bacteria.  Of course, dealing with flesh eating bacteria is much more pleasant that dealing with the government. 

Washington is now working on an even bigger HOV lane so that even more drivers will not use it during rush hour.

Has it occurred to the brain donors that run Washington that by creating massive traffic jams, all that is happening is that while the few people in the HOV lanes are using less gas, many more people are using a lot more gas in stop and start traffic?  Has it ever occurred them that if they just opened up all of those lanes, more people would move faster and less gas would be used?

Of course not.  That requires the ability to think which is something our elected officials and government bureaucrats mostly lack. 

We complain about elected officials with room temperature IQ’s.    Some of the people enacting our laws don’t hit the charts high enough to thaw ice.   I am beginning to believe it is a requirement for Federal candidates, at least in the blue states that when they file their qualifying papers they must sign a statement that says, “I certify under penalty of perjury that I am a complete moron!”

Unfortunately the HOV lanes are just a symptom of what we see with government.  It continues to grow out of control.   Even with Republicans in charge of the government, government grows.

When will this insanity stop?

We the people do not want to drive in HOV lanes so we don’t.  Our elected officials do not get the message.  We the people do not want these crappy hybrid cars.  We do not want the green boondoggles. 

We have massive numbers of government programs that are either complete failures, total wastes of money or just blatant attempts to buy votes. 

When will we the people stand up and say enough?

Plato is quoted as saying, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Plato was wrong.  We have smart people involved in politics and we are still governed by our inferiors.   They are called Congress.

Judson Phillips is Associate Director of and CEO of Tea Party Nation.

Default fault


A few days ago,  the New York Times, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party and the socialist movement, did a story on the debt levels college graduates are facing.   The story sought to place the blame for all of these students in debt.


There is fault here for the student loan crisis.  And it is not what the official newspaper of cat litter pans everywhere says.  Who is responsible for the student loan crisis?


As with most major disasters, there is more than one source of fault.  The Times of course wants to blame it on a lack of government spending.  Since that is where the Times assigns fault, you can determine right away, without any further research that those are not the causes.


One of the biggest causes of this crisis are the students themselves and their families.  At 18 years old, someone should have told these students the basics of economics.  If you borrow money, you have to pay it back with interest.


One of the students featured in the story, named Kelsey Griffith said, “I knew a private school would cost a lot of money. But when I graduate, I’m going to owe like $900 a month. No one told me that.”


What the hell were you thinking?   What the hell were your parents thinking?  Did you think you just won the lottery?  Did you think you the bank was just giving you the money?


This is someone who has graduated from high school and has almost graduated from college and cannot figure this out.


One of the biggest problems is the unrealistic expectation of these students and their families.  They cannot all afford to go to these nice private schools.   Some of these kids need to go to regular state universities and something, perish the though, should just start out in community college!


Another major cause of this student loan crisis is the fact these loans are guaranteed by the government.  Talk about crony capitalism! 


The banks have an incredible deal.   If the student pays their loans back, the banks will make profit off the interest.  If they do not, the government will cover the bank’s loss.


And there is the problem.  The banks do not care about the loans.  If you can fog a mirror, and you are in college, you can get these loans.


The banks do not ask the questions they would normally ask say for a business loan.  They do not ask important questions like where, is this money going and how are you going to pay it back?


CBS News did a blathering piece a few weeks ago on the student loan debt crisis.  It featured a man who had $80,000 in student loan debt and had graduated with a degree in women’s studies.  He had no job and no prospect of paying his loans back.


This is the problem with the guarantees.  What bank would loan money for someone to get a degree in something as useless as women’s studies if the government did not guarantee the loans?   Women’s studies is probably the second most useless and unemployable major right after “Peace studies.”


The guarantees block some reasonable questions that students themselves should be asking.  For example, why would you borrow $200,000 to get educated in a field like social work, for example, where you are only going to be paid $30,000 a year.   If you are going to borrow $200,000 to become a doctor, that is one thing as you will have the income at some point to pay those loans down.


Parents bear a lot of the responsibility for the student loan crisis.  First, they should know better and should warn their kids that these massive loans have to be paid back.   Part of the American dream now is to send your kids to college.  This is a good thing and higher education should be strongly encouraged.  However, not everyone is ready at 18 to go to a university. 


For some kids, they are better off working for a couple of years or doing a tour in the military and then coming to college when they are 21 and have a clue what they are doing.


We have a massive student loan debt problem.  We can thank the government for stupid policies that have created the problem.   The answer is not throwing more money at student loans. 


The answer is some personal responsibility.


Perhaps a college somewhere should start offering a degree in personal responsibility.   It would certainly be worth more than many of the degrees these schools currently offer.


A very good day for a very good conservative!

Richard Mourdock, who is a great conservative and a favorite of almost every Tea Party and conservative group, had one of those days most politicians only dream of yesterday.   Mourdock is running to replace Richard Lugar, the crown prince of the RINOs, as one of the Senators from Indiana.

So what happened?

First, Sarah Palin endorsed Mourdock.  Her endorsement, coming just days before Indiana’s primary is huge for Mourdock. 

Palin wrote on her Facebook page: I join commonsense conservatives in endorsing Richard Mourdock to be the next Senator from Indiana. Conservatives of all stripes are uniting behind Richard Mourdock. It’s not just Indiana that benefits from sending the right Senator to serve for the right reasons; the nation as a whole benefits, and that is one reason why the eyes of so many around the nation are focused on the Indiana race.

Indiana deserves a conservative in the Senate who will fight for the Hoosier State, uphold our Constitution, and not just go along to get along with the vested interests of the permanent political class in D.C.

The other really good news came in the form of news that American Action Network was pulling out of the Indiana primary.   This news did not make headlines but it is hugely significant.

AAN has been supporting RINO Richard Lugar.  They were buying TV ads and using digital media to support Lugar.  They have pulled the plug on their efforts.

Officially the race between Mourdock and Lugar is too close to call.  AAN would not be pulling out if it were really that close.

AAN sees the race as a loss for Lugar and has decided to quit throwing good money after bad.

This is great news in the Tea Party’s battle against the RINO establishment.  John McCain and Indiana’s RINO governor Mitch Daniels have endorsed Lugar.  If John McCain endorses a candidate, you probably cannot go wrong if you oppose that candidate without doing any further research. 

Much as 2010 was the year for the Tea Party Congress, we need to make 2012 the year of the Tea Party Senate.   In the next couple of months we are going to have a lot of races and a lot of Tea Party candidates who need our support.  In Maine, Scott D’Amboise is taking on the establishment.  In Virginia, Tea Party organizer Jamie Radtke is running for the Senate.  In Missouri, Sarah Steelman is running against several establishment candidates.   In Texas, Ted Cruz is running against an establishment Lieutenant Governor and in Utah Dan Liljenquist is running against Ted Kennedy’s favorite Republican Orrin Hatch. 

Richard Mourdock’s primary is on May 8thPlease go to his site and see what you can do to help him push Lugar out of the way.   Donate and volunteer.  Remember Lugar is Barack Obama’s favorite Republican.   Let’s make Lugar Obama’s favorite retired Republican.

We may have a liberal Republican as the Presidential nominee, but we can still win the war of 2012.  But we must put conservatives in the Senate and the House. 

Richard Mourdock’s battle in Indiana is the first one.  It will be the first Tea Party victory of 2012.   This fight isn’t over yet.

We need everyone on deck for this fight. 

Let’s go out and win one this year for freedom, liberty and for America!

Judson Phillips is Associate Director of and CEO of  Tea Party Nation.

Buy me out

Buy me out.  It is a simple idea.  I want the government to buy me out.   I am tired of the government and its foolish ideas.

What do I want to be bought out from?

Social Security.

Social Security is a joke.  Every few years we hear the alarming news that it is going bankrupt.  Of course it is.  It is a government program so by definition it is very badly run.

Obama has made a bad situation worse.  His temporary payroll tax cut of 2% is cutting into the revenues Social Security depends on for benefits.  Obama knows this.  He wants to hasten the date of Social Security’s demise so he can demand that the cap on payroll taxes be abolished and he can impose another massive tax hike. 

I have a better idea.

I want out.

I’ve been working for 37 years and paying into the system.  Assuming I do not retire until I am 70, to maximize the benefits, I would have four years before the system crashed and that is assuming things do not get worse.

Forget it.  I’m done.

One hundred years ago, most people worked until they could work no more. 

What is wrong with that?

Nothing, in my book.  In fact, that is my plan.  I want to work until I cannot work any longer.   If you do not want to, that is your business and not mine.  But this is what I want to do.

Which gets me back to the Ponzi scheme we call Social Security. 

I want my money back.  I want my money back with interest. 

I’m happy to get out of the Social Security system.  Give me my money back and I will forgo any rights to Social Security benefits.

What would happen if everyone decided they wanted to pull out?

For starters, we would all take more responsibility for our future.  

What would I do with my money?  I’d invest in a private retirement and disability account.  Something that would protect me incase something unfortunate happened to me.

Then my retirement would be my work.

Some folks scream in anguish that is horrible!

Maybe it is to you but this is what I want.

Liberty means being allowed to make your own choices.  Liberty means being able to take risks.  Liberty means I want to work until I can no longer work and I seem to remember something about my inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

A program to opt out of Social Security would be a real Hobson’s choice for Obama.  He loves to spend money and would love to spend the money it would take to pay everyone who wants out.  Unfortunately for him, it would deplete the ranks of those who would end up dependent on government.

The left wants everyone dependent.  I want everyone to be free and I want liberty.

Liberty means I get to make these decisions.

Republicans, if you believe in liberty, pass a law that gives me and millions of others that choice.

As for me, I choose liberty!

Judson Phillips is Associate Director of and CEO of Tea Party Nation.

What is it they really want?

The Occupy Mob is at it again.  They are gearing up for their big event on May 1.  They have been out early, trying to disrupt corporate meetings and connecting the radical group ACT UP! to demand that Wall Street pays for everyone’s medical care.

What do they really want?

The drive-by media has been working overtime to portray the Occupy Mob as nothing more than the left’s version of the Tea Party.  There are some differences.  We work, we love America and we bathe on a regular basis. 

Jokes aside, the Occupy Mob is coming out on May 1.  Contrary to myth, they are not the totally chaotic and disorganized group they claim to be.  They do many of their acts with great deliberation and purpose.

May 1 is no accident.  May 1 is the socialist equivalent of the 4th of July.  Communists and Socialists always rally around May Day. 

The people behind the Occupy Mob are Socialists.  They do not believe in freedom or liberty.  They do not want a better America.  They want an America where they control the government.  They do not want an America where dissent is patriotic.  They want an America where if you dare to disagree with them, they will crush you.

They do not want an America that is free.  They are like socialists everywhere.  Freedom and liberty are antithetical to their beliefs. 

The Occupy Mob just hooked up with the ACT UP! mob and are demanding that Wall Street pay for healthcare.  They want a new tax on the financial markets to pay for universal healthcare. 

They do not want Wall Street to pay for healthcare.   Actually they do, temporarily.  What they really want is to tax Wall Street into oblivion.

Occupy hates the free market system and wants it destroyed.

That is the ultimate goal of the Occupy Mob.  This is what they really want and this is why we must stand up to them. 

The left has done its best to bad mouth the free market and capitalism.  Here is the truth they do not like.  The free market has done more to create more wealth and more freedom for more people than any other system we have ever seen.

Is the free market perfect?  No.  It is efficient but not perfect.   Remember, perfection is the standard that the left wants us to live up to. 

Their claims are always the same.  If our system is not perfect, then we must acquiesce to their system.  The only problem is not only is their system not perfect, their system has done more to create poverty, tyranny and human suffering than any other system in the last century.

The Occupy Mob was created to cause problems.  The people behind it are radicals and are committed to the destruction of America, our free markets and our freedom.

We have not seen much violence from them yet.

The key word is yet. 

We will be looking at a long hot summer.  We must be ready.

Judson Phillips is Associate Director of and CEO of Tea Party Nation.

Money, Government and bad behavior...

Money, government and bad behavior.  Is that a recipe for a scandal involving a major government law enforcement agency and a trip to a certain South American nation?

Actually it is not.   It has to do with Obama pandering.

What is the pandering and who is the Panderer in Chief pandering to?

Obama is pandering to the youth vote.  Specifically he is going after the college crowd.

College age voters were a huge constituency for Obama in 2008. 

What is the top issue for college age students?  Student loans, debt and jobs.  Obama has done a great job of killing job opportunities for college graduates.  The class of 2007 could expect that 9 out of 10 would have jobs after graduation.  Now it is down to 1 out of 2.

Student loans and debt are spiraling out of control.  As a general rule, if you oppose what Obama favors, you will be right at least 101 out of 100 times.  Obama wants to suppress the market on student loans and make the interest rates even lower.

The problem is guaranteed student loans.

The problem in the sentence is GUARANTEED.

When the government guarantees the loans, any semblance of intelligence or even good behavior goes out the window.

Student loans are used for tuition, living expenses and other things.  Cars and pizza are not living expenses but that is what student loans are used for.

CBS News this evening pandered to Obama, I mean reported on the student loan issue.  They interviewed a man who was nearing graduation.  He is $85,000 in debt from a prestigious Washington University and he will graduate with a degree in, I kid you not, Women’s studies.

What genius decided that was a good idea.  The fact that anyone would even think about majoring in Women’s studies is prima facia evidence they were never ready to go to college and probably need a conservatorship because they are incapable of making any of life’s major decisions.

All student loans did was promote bad behavior with this student.   Is getting a degree in Women’s studies bad behavior?  No.  Is spending $85,000 to get a degree in Women’s studies bad behavior?  It is if you are borrowing the money.

It makes sense of you are majoring in business or engineering or science or getting a MBA, Law Degree or Medical Degrees.  Those investments will pay for themselves.

What is someone going to do with a degree in Women’s studies?  I don’t know with any certainly but I am willing to bet $10,000 of Mitt Romney’s money that he is not going to be getting the kind of job that will allow him to pay those loans back.

The Guaranteed part of the loan means the banks do not care what happens.  They have two options.  Either they make a profit or they make a profit.  They will loan the money and either they are paid back or the government covers the loan. 

Let’s assume for a moment, there were no student loan guarantees.  What would happen?  For one thing, no banker in his right mind would let someone borrow that kind of money for that kind of degree.  They would for a degree that has a possibility of landing post college employment that will allow the loan to be repaid.

Student loans are the single greatest factor in tuition inflation.   Colleges raise their tuition and students don’t really care.  They just get more loans.   The Guaranteed Student Loans destroy the free market. 

In any free market, when you have price increases, you have demand decreases.  If students were actually paying as they went, price would become a huge issue.  Universities would not have bloated staffs and administrations.  They would not be building these massive buildings that they do not really need. 

But because the market factors are taken out, they can do these things.

Obama now wants to pander for reelection. 

Obama does not care about the consequences of his pandering.  All he cares about is that he is reelected. 

The simple solution to student loan debt is to allow these loans to be discharged in Bankruptcy, but today’s students can thank the last Democrat President Bill Clinton for the fact they cannot do that.

Obama’s solution is more student loans.  More loans mean more debt.  All he will do is condemn today’s students to become a generation lost to debt.

Judson Phillips is a spokesman for and an associate director with and the founder of Tea Party Nation.


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